Book Collection

Our book collection (approximately 50,000 items) is rich in Church History, Spirituality, Scripture, Lives of the Saints, Theology, etc. The collection includes works in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Latin. Most of our holdings are cataloged using the Library of Congress classification scheme.

AudioVisual Materials

We have a specialized collection of DVDs and audiobooks. We purchase materials that will not be found in most public libraries i.e., lives of the saints, lectures on spirituality and theology, etc. The collection includes hundreds of circulating DVDs and CDs (Music, audiobooks. lectures, etc.) as well as some surviving VHS.


Did you Know . . .?

That we also have 2 Kindles that we will loan to faculty, students, or overnight guests? These are loaded with lots of ebooks, and one of them also has magazine subscriptions and audiobooks on it. Ask library staff for more information.